Indico Friends


Meet the Brands that Add More Colour to Our World

Punjabis are known for their community-spirit, and this is something we love to take inspiration from. In the spirit of this, kindly fold your hands and say “namaste” to some of our closest friends.

We’re certain that you’ll adore them, just as much as we do: 



Dirty Wild Wings

They call themselves “The Wild Bunch” (and rightfully so). Dirty Wild Wings is ideal for chicken wing enthusiasts, who love their fast-food to have a punch. Our friends serve-up the best gourmet fried chicken wings - but they take it up a notch with six explosively distinct flavours.

All you need to do is choose a sauce blend for your wings, and combine with fries, sides, or even a burger if you’re extra hungry. Kindly note, the saucy wings get REALLY saucy here. We recommend napkins.

Check out the website by clicking here! 


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