Our Story

Let us open our hearts and kitchen cupboards, and begin..

Cooking is akin to worship in Indian culture. You’re invited to take part in this wholesome experience with Indico @Home, as well as all the people you hold dear.

From the streets of North India, to our colourful restaurants; and now into your very own rasoi

It started on the rickety-rackety streets of North India. Amid the bustle of sweaty chaiwalas, and street food vendors, plating-up mountains of something crispy.

For in North India, food is more than just a means-of-survival. It’s rather, a celebration of deep-seated culture, as well as beliefs and principles that shape the very nation we love so dearly today.

Our Indico restaurants pay tribute to this.

In our own exuberant way, we try to preserve Punjabi culture, while ensuring that we’re satisfying appetites at the same time. There’s just something about food that’s rich in history, isn’t there? It fulfils you in a way that no other meal can.

As loyal believes of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (the Guest is God), we have wanted to leave no stone unturned where enjoying the Indico experience is concerned. In fact, as we now live in a world where comfort, love and warmth is needed in abundance, our spice blends make for the perfect solution. They offer ample convenience and allow you to enjoy the pleasure of authentic home cooking at the same time.


The best memories are created…

… when you’re making joyful conversation over a pot of bubbling daal makhni, or adding extra chillies to a delicious homemade biryani, because your brothers are coming by for dinner (and they have the spice tolerance of a Punjabi soldier!).

Our Indico @Home spice blends not only help you replicate restaurant quality meals, but they create memories that you’re likely to treasure forever. Memories that we’ve somehow forgotten to hold onto, thanks to our busy and ready-made lives.

So, take heed - you’ll likely need an apron and perhaps stain your kitchen worktops. But the moments you’ll create off the back of your traditional (yet easy) cooking escapades, will make it all more than worthwhile.


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